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Burlap Chenille-It

Burlap Chenille-It

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Burlap Chenille-It Blooming Bias--5/8 inch wide. Approximately 15 yards. 

For a rustic yet modern look and feel, simply stitch a single layer of Chenille-it down the center anywhere you want the look of chenille.  Finish by washing and drying, or combing to fluff up! 

Burlap Chenille-It will provide a unique and beautiful finish. Perfect for home decor or crafting. Washing and drying, versus combing the Chenille-It to fluff it up will determine the finished look. Burlap Chenille-It also looks amazing when layered with traditional 3/8" Chenille-It.

*Note: The picture with the Burlap layered with Natural Chenille-It has been washed. The picture with the Burlap layered with Black Chenille-It has been combed.

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